by Jeff Burton

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    Here it is! A new album of songs written and performed by Jeff Burton, recorded very simply to establish an intimate, warm ambiance. In addition to the 10 listed tracks, you will also receive 2 additional bonus tracks not available for sale individually.

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An album of original songs by songwriter Jeff Burton. The songs are recorded with minimum processing giving the listener the effect of an intimate live performance. These are 'plain songs', simple but well written and they quietly work their relaxing magic with simplicity and sincerity.


released November 17, 2012

All songs by Jeff Burton



all rights reserved


Jeff Burton Toowoomba, Australia

Jeff was born at an early age and followed in his father's footsteps which occasionally annoyed his father who kept turning around to see what the noise was. Jeff had a brush with fame and fortune when, together with Michael Fix, he wrote a song for Slim Dusty. Then Slim died. Jeff's song had nothing to do with it. Jeff continues to write music that nobody much listens to. Why? Because he's gotta! ... more

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Track Name: Never find their home
Never Find Their Home

I've been listening to Martyn
He makes a lot of sense to me
Seems a shame that he was broken
I hope at last he can be free

I travelled with the gospel writers
Do you remember me back then
In a moment they were taken
Now we're all alone again

Far too many on these waters
Will slip beneath the foam
Far too many on these waters
Will never find their home

There were some of them in secret
Not too many knew their name
Still we gathered 'round their fire
It's still shining just the same

All the poets and the dreamers
Though they knew the cost
Set their hearts toward the journey
All too many have we lost

repeat chorus

Come and sit down with your coffee
Come and sit with me a while
Tell me how the magic changed you
Let me see you smile
Track Name: Constantly

The day may be grey or fine
But long as there’s stars that shine
You’ll have this love of mine

Whether it’s fall or spring
Long as there’s songs to sing
You’ll be my everything

Long as the winds still whisper
They call your name to me
Long as the moon still shines above
I know it’s meant to be

Long as the skies are blue
And the day dawns anew
I will be loving you

Long as there’s night and day
Long as the dancers sway
I know I’ll feel this way

Long as the birds go winging
All 'round the apple tree
Long as they sing for anyone
They're singing for you and me

As long as lovers dare
And music is in the air
I’ll be the one who’s there

Together or far apart
As long as the music starts
You’ll know you’re in my heart
Track Name: One Thing
One Thing

Super hero
In a super suit
Noble jaw
But when he thinks
Nobody’s near
He’s watching TV
Drinking beer
Just give me one thing
Just give me one thing to hold on to (same last lines in each verse)

I like potatoes
I like red meat
My doctor warned me
‘Bout the things I eat
Now she tells me
It’s all right
Want a steak?
Just take a bite

Oz is empty
Just a stage
Ruby slippers
In a cage
Tornado swirling
Round my door
Can't hear the wizard

God left a message
He’s out of reach
He’s on vacation
Lying on a beach
Reads the paper
Shakes his head
Gets depressed
Goes back to bed
Track Name: The evening song
The sun is slowly fading
There are shadows in the trees
And a little touch of winter
In the evening breeze
Out there in the garden
As the shadows fall
The birds are singing one last time
You can hear them call

They're singing out their simple song
It's like an evening prayer
Offering their blessing
To the living everywhere
Some will stop and listen
And feel within their heart
In this world that rolls along
We're just a little part

There are quiet moments
In each and every day
When the world will come to you
In a special way
And if you should listen
Maybe you will hear
The gentle sound of paradise
As it's drawing near
Track Name: Until the day we die
Until the day we die

Everyday's got a new tomorrow (repeat)
A little joy, a little sorrow
'til the day we die

All our days shine like silver
On and on until it's over
'til the day we die

We're little bitty sparks in the dead of night
Just make sure you shine real bright
'till the day you die

Times we laughed and times we cried
Just relax and enjoy the ride
'til the day we die

Snowflakes fall and then they're gone
But they're all special every one
'til the day they die

You love me and I love you
And that's what I intend to do
'til the day we die
Track Name: What if it's love?
What if it's love

What if it's true
That you really care for me
What if it's true
That you understand
Can it be as it seems
In all of my wildest dreams
What if it's real, what if it's right
What if it's love

What if it's time
When all of my dreams come true
What if it's time
For walking on air
What if the time is right
For stepping into the light
What if it's real, what if it's right
What if it's love

I've gone for so long on a prayer and a song
Never daring to dream it could be
Now there's a chance for my turn at romance
And these thoughts keep recurring to me

What if it's love
That's burning inside my heart
What if it's love
That's been calling to me
What if we dare to say
This time it's here to stay
What if it's real, what if it's right
What if it's love
Track Name: Wherever I roam
Wherever I roam

Time is still on my side
There are still shining stars to guide
I can still take the morning tide
Wherever I wander

I can stay here and rest for a while
Take a break from the weary mile
I’ve got nothing to do but smile
Wherever I roam

Wherever I wander
Through time and through space
There will be music and there will be grace
There will still be a smiling face
Wherever I roam

Take it easy and take it slow
You can keep all your grief and your woe
I’m content with my little glow
Wherever I wander
Wherever I roam
Track Name: On my way
On my way

See that mountain
I have to climb
Gonna take some walking
Gonna take some time
But I take one step
And like the prophets say
I'm on my way, I'm on my way

See that river
And the other side
The current strong
And the water is wide
Gonna build a boat
And I won't delay
I'm on my way, I'm on my way

See the road
That lies ahead
So many miles that I have to tread
But I walk by night
And I sleep by day
And I'm on my way, I'm on my way

When there's trouble
And it's bound to come
Take your banjo
And you start to strum
You start to sing
And as you play
I'll be on my way, I'll be on my way
Track Name: Rocky Creek Dam
Rocky Creek Dam

I stood at the lake in the morning
Watching the white parrot fly
The trees coming down to the shoreline
There wasn't a cloud in the sky
There wasn't a cloud in the sky

The forest was settled and silent
Painted in palettes of green
And I alone at the water
The only man here to be seen

I thought of the others before me
All of that great human clan
Who stood in the place I am standing
Since ever the whole world began

One little leaf in the forest
One little cloud in the sky
One little piece of the puzzle
Is all that we know 'til we die
Track Name: Such as these
Such as these

The simple word
Upon the page
The open book
The empty stage
The smell of rain
The evening breeze
My soul was made
For such as these

The loving glance
The gentle hands
The gift of one
Who understands
The shady nook
Beneath the trees
My soul was made
For such as these

The open heart
The childish grin
The healing kiss
On wounded shin
The sleepy head
Upon my knees
My soul was made
For such as these

The heartfelt song
The circle round
The friends of old
The new ones found
The passing time
That gives us ease
My soul was made
For such as these